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HMS Makina is a direct supplier of Bombardier and one of the major suppliers and a strategic partner of Tier 1 companies such as GKN Aerospace, PFW, Diehl Aviation and TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries-Ankara/Turkey). HMS Makina supplies more than 1000 different part numbers and assemblies including flight critical structural fuselage, aileron, rudder, elevator and winglet parts as well as cabine interior parts and standard items such as bushings, pins, etc. for the following programs:
  • Boeing Commercial Aircraft Programs: B737, B747, B767, B777, B787
  • Airbus Commercial Aircraft Programs: A220, A320/A321 SA, A350, A380 
  • Bombardier Commercial Aircraft Programs: C100, C300, D8-Q400
  • Bombardier Business Aircraft Programs: G7000, G8000
  • TAI Aircraft and Helicopter Programs
  • Airbus Helicopter - Eurocopter Helicopter Programs: H135
  • Agusta Westland - Leonardo  Helicopter Programs: AW139



Hard Metals

Soft Metals

Standard Items