NADCAP, Airbus, Bombardier approved FPI capability


With dedicated Level 3 and Level 2 inspectors on site, HMS Makina is capable of offering Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI) and Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) services as Non Destructive Tests (NDT) to its customers.

LPI Process conduct Airbus, Bombardier, NADCAP and major Tier 1 approvals and capable for sensitivity level 3.

Liquid Penetrant Inspection;
• LPI is applied with both immersion and spraying methods.
• Spraying method is applicable for parts up to 6m long. 
• Penetrant liquid in fluorescent light colour conform to E1417, AMS 2644 is used at sensitivity level 3. 

Magnetic Particle Inspection; 
• Head and coil type AC, DC, FW DC magnetisation methods can be applied with  fluorescent oil basis wet method.
• Parts up to 2,5 m. length can be inspected.

Consulting and Test Services: 
• Consulting, facility installation and training by our Level 3 with his 30 years experience.
• Brightness Test with NDT S291 Photometer equipment per ASTM E1417 with Comparing the Brightness of Fluorescent Penetrants Method per ASTM E1135. 
• Water Content Test per ASTM E1417 with Distillation method per ASTM D95.

LPI , spray (2000x7000 mm max part size)
Sensitivity Level 3
LPI, immersion 
Boost for small parts