Machining, NDT, shot peening, surface treatments, painting, assembly and more


With its over 70 wide range high technology CNC machines, HMS Makina is able to produce complex and precision parts from all kinds of light and hard metals including aluminium, steel alloys, stainless steel, titanium, magnesium, nickel-based superalloys (Inconel, Duplex etc.) materials from the plates, sheets, castings and forgings in compliance with the customer specifications.
5-Axis milling capacity up to 4000x2500 mm length
Turning capacity from Ø < 1 mm up to Ø1000x5000 mm
Slot and gear type profile cutting on 2 different EDM
Slot and gear shape cutting by broaching
Precise inner diameter machining by honing for bushings etc.
Conventional surface grinding

Surface Treatment

HMS Makina is capable of processing parts up to 6 meters with Airbus, Bombardier and NADCAP-approved in-house treatment lines.

Experienced team and laboratory analyses of the HMS Makina allow it to process over 16 different main processes in its both automated and manual processing lines.
Automated Line (500x1600x6000 mm)
• TSA (Airbus applications)
• BSA (Boeing applications)
• SAA (General Industrial and Aerospace applications)
• Pre-Penetrant Etching of Aluminum Alloys
• CCC (Alodine 1200)
• Hot Water Sealing
Manual Lines
• CAA (Chromic Acid Anodizing, 500x1200x1200 mm)
• CCC (Alodine 600/1200, Surtec 650, 500x1200x1200 mm)
• Passivation of Stainless Steels (500x1200x1200 mm)
• Zn-Plating (500x1200x1200 mm)
• Cd-Plating (500x1200x1200 mm)
• Electrolytic Zn-Ni Plating (500x1200x1200 mm)
• Black Oxiding (500x500x500 mm)
• Chemical Nickel Plating (500x500x500 mm)
• Electropolishing
• Titanium Pickling
• Pickling of Martensitic and Austenitic Steels
• Cleaning and Deoxiding of Copper Alloys
• Dry Film Lubricant (Molykote etc.)
• Ultrasonic / Alkaline / Acid Cleaning


Assembly line is supported by its in-house machining shop and NADCAP-approved shot peening, NDT, painting and surface treatments to provide complete solutions to its customers.

In our dedicated climate-controlled 400 m² assembly area and with a highly experienced team, HMS Makina is capable of delivering sub-assemblies, complex systems and functional tests to ensure the closest tolerances are matched.
Riveted Assemblies
Solid riveting, pop riveting, etc.
Sealant Applications
Fillet seal, faying surface,seal and various wet assembly technics
Bearing Swaging
Bearing installations
Shrink Fitting of Bushes & Pins
Shrink fit assemblies by nitrogen immersion 
Helicoil & Insert Installations
All types of helicoil and insert assemblies
General & Complex Assemblies
Assemblies and tests of large and complex systems


With its Airbus, Bombardier and NADCAP-approved manual and automatic painting lines, HMS can wet-paint the parts up to 7 meters including primer, top coat, anti-slip, abrasion and heat resistant paints and apply ink jet marking.
Manual Wet Painting
(max. 2000x7000 mm)
Experienced and qualified painters
Automatic Painting Line
(max. 150x1400x4500 mm)
High repeatability and productivity


With dedicated Level 3 and Level 2 inspectors on-site, HMS Makina is capable of offering Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI) and Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) services as Non-Destructive Tests (NDT) to its customers.

LPI Process conduct Airbus, Bombardier, NADCAP and major Tier 1 approvals and is capable of sensitivity level 3.
LPI (max. 2000x7000 mm)
Sensitivity Level 3
MPI (max. 2500 mm length)
Head and coil type AC, DC, FW DC magnetisation with fluorescent oil basis wet method

Shot Peening

HMS Makina performs shot peening operations for the parts up to 5 meters in its NADCAP accredited automatic shot peen machine or in manual shot peen machine and conducts all required intensity and coverage tests in-house.
Robot Operated Cabinet
2000x5000 mm max. part size
Manual Blasting
800x400 mm max. part size

Sheet Metal

HMS Makina offers sheet metal fabrication and our CNC Press Brake machine is capable to form aluminium and hard metal parts up to 2500 mm and with 100 Tons max.
Sheet Metal Forming Press
At our modern CNC Press Break machine


We maintain the highest levels of quality throughout our facility.

HMS Makina is AS 9100:Rev D and ISO 9001:2015 certified. Parts are inspected throughout production, both on the shop floor and in our Quality Department.

With our continuous improvement and training processes, we deliver faster, more cost-effective, turnkey solutions without compromising quality, precision, or component performance.
Quality Systems
• AS/EN 9100:2016 REVD
• EN ISO 9001:2015
• Customer approvals
Quality Control
• 4 CMM up to 1000x1200x4000 mm
• Hardness Testing
• Conductivity Meter
• XRF Spectrometer
• Optical Projectors
• Form Tracer
• Surface Roughness Tester
ERP System
Traceability and productivity by using tailor made ERP system including the following tools:
• Stock control – MRP
• Capacity planning and tracking
• Production planning
• Quality Control
• Performance measurements
• Cost control
• Purchasing
• Documentation control
• Gage R&R
• Full Traceability
• Training record

MES System
Efficiency and continuous improvement by using highly qualified MES system including the following functions:
• OEE and the components and all sub-details
• Stop time analysis
• Personel performances
• Routing time verifications
• Production on time and on right quantity control