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Our HR Policy

Our Human resocurces policy is based on allingment with the vision, mission and strategies of our company, to contribute to our company’s growth by improving our productivity to create a qualified, motivated, highly engaged workforce. We aim to increase the added value of our employees on the organization via developing themselves, each other and their works trough providing continuing education and self-development opportunities. We ensure efficient working environment to provide a safe proud of our employees and increase the employee satisfaction and loyalty by sustaining happiness and peace of the work place.
Recruitment Process at HMS Makina
  • Determining the need for personnel,
  • Position announcement and receiving applications,
  • Creating a candidate pool,
  • Preliminary CV screening,
  • HR and director interviews,
  • Determining personality inventory,
  • Reference controls,
  • Job proposal,
  • Recruitment.

Our Social Benefits

HMS Makina employees are provided with* ;

  • Fuel Aid
  • Child and Educational Aid
  • Military Service Aid
  • Religious Holidays Aid
  • Birth and Marriage Aid
  • Foreign Language Education Aid
  • Ramadan and New Year Aid
  • Annual Vacation Aid
  • Food and Transportation Aid
*It differs according to positions.

Our Talented People

We are proud of the work that we do, and wouldn’t be successful without our team of valuable and dedicated  people.
Sibel Durur
Laboratory Supervisor
Gokhan Sayıcı
NDT Level-3
Serife Mutlu
Masking Operator
Ozan Tuncer
Assembly Operator

HMS Education

HMS Vocational Training Center
HMS Makina Vocational Training Center was established in 2013, under the Ministry of National Education. Students receive theoretical training once a week and take on-the-job training at production area on the rest of the week.

Our students who are successful in our training center during their education life, they are entitled to a journeyman's certificate and start their career at HMS Makina. 
Internship Programs
HMS Makina supports personal and professional developments of students by providing internship opportunities during their high school and university education. We enlarge our recruitment sources by providing job alternatives to our interns of whom successfully completes their intern period.

You can get in contact with our HR Department to receive more information regarding winter - summer and long - short term internship programs.