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About Us

HMS Makina is producing complex parts and assemblies with its experienced team for its customers. In one roof we are able coating, painting, Non Destructive Tests (NDT), shot peening, surface enhancement and chemical processing We support a global portfolio of aerospace primes and their sub-tiers. All of our special processes are Major OEMs and NADCAP approved.
Our Story

Behind the expertise and our technology-driven mindset

HMS Makina Sanayi was established in 1979 to produce high precision turning products for automotive industry. In 2005, company expanded its production capacity and capability in Cigli, Izmir. After completely reorganizing itself in 2012, company moved to its new location in Manisa, Turkey in November 2013 .

Today, HMS is a leading machining company producing many different products for its distinguished customers located mainly in EU countries. Over 70% of the total sales are export sales. HMS operates in its modern 39,500 m2 production facility built on 63,500 m2 ground. It employees 360 highly skilled personnel, including 45 Engineers and 24 Technicians, working in 3 shifts.

With over 39 years of experience, HMS Makina produces the high quality parts for its customers.
HMS Makina operates in its modern 39,500 m² production facility built on 63,500 m² ground.
HMS Makina employees 360 highly skilled personnel and 50 trainees, working in 3 shifts.
Over 45 engineers and 25 technicians, HMS Makina offers its customer to engineering services

Our Goals

Customer Satisfaction
Our priority is defined by our customer needs.
In tolerance, specification compliant and visually inspected parts.
Delivery On Time
Our commitment is to deliver quality products on time.
Competitive Price
Through our expertise on production we offer competitive prices.
HMS Makina offers fast and flexible solutions for our customer's changing demands.